Instructions on how to see dead people

 For purposes of eliciting traffic I call them dead people but my hypothesis is what I am seeing is the entities that are comprised of the energy  of those who are currently not associated with a sentient being of the Homo Sapiens species. You can call them spirits, souls or you can call them dead people, though the word people means a fully sentient person possessed of physical body and spirit. For the moment, that includes the person who has written this and the person reading it.  I address all the other factors like religion, spirituality, paranormal activity and so on in my blog Onward to Infinity which I encourage you to read and comment on.  I have put the reason I can see dead people on the next tab of this blog if you haven't already read it and would like to.  

I am still experimenting with this phenomena but I think I have developed a procedure for enabling your vision and your mind to see the same things I am. At least I hope so. The more who do, the less the chance I will end my days looking at the walls of my room in an institution designed for those who suffer from similar afflictions.

Hopefully, by reading this, you are a person who spends a lot of time  sitting in front of display monitor of some sort. My ability to see in the required light range was highly enhanced  after I procured a 23' LCD monitor, an LG model E2350V-SN. I honestly do not know if one has to do as I have to become sensitized to violet light.  It will take experimentation to  either prove or disprove my monitor is a factor. I'm not getting any kick back from LG for this but, should a lot of people start buying them as a result of my blog, I will certainly look into it.
Getting started is simple and no one has to send me any money. All you need is  a lamp and a fairly dark but not totally dark room. (The more diffused the light and the less the shadows, the better.) I recommend a standard incandescent bulb for this. Do not use fluorescent or halogen lamps.

Turn on the lamp and stand about 5-6 feet away facing the lamp. Make sure there is nothing behind you that you can trip over because you will be moving with your eyes closed. Looking at the lamp, gently close your eyes, tightly enough to block your eyes from the light but do not squint. What you need to see is the reddish yellowish image of the light coming through your eyelids while looking at the lamp. The light should be as even as possible in your field of view with very little or no shadows. If there is a bright spot in the middle you will need to move further away from the lamp. If your field of vision is darker around the edges move closer. The important thing is seeing the light evenly diffused across your field of vision.  Once you have an even field of light start backing up until the light level starts to drop off at the edges of your visual field. Once there, start thinking about the color violet or purple.  Do not try to look for the color, you have to think about the color. If you try to look for it you will never see it.  Try different distances from the lamp if nothing is happening.  I have no idea how successful this experiment will be until some of you try it. I developed it through trial and error and I get consistent results.

What you will be seeing, if you do see purple or violet on the edges, is your own entity. For those of you who believe in auras, you will be looking at your aura in its frequency spectrum. It is possible to also see an entity if one is nearby. Should that happen it will appear somewhere in your field of vision and will be brighter than the effect you get from your own aura.

 If you can see your own aura, you should be able to see an entity. The odds of one being in the area are greatly increased if you have an electromagnetic device nearby. Televisions, Radios, Stereos, cable and satellite converter boxes and microwaves are all excellent devices. You will never see them in daylight or well lit conditions with a possible exception for microwaves, television sets and computers. I have seen them while sitting at my computer and looking down at my keyboard which has a dark hole behind it and the keys are black.  Normally you only see them in low light conditions. There has to be enough light to activate the visual acuity and chromatic response of your eye.

  Hopefully you will eventually see purple or violet in low light conditions. How do you know it is an entity? First it will have a shape that will conform to the light level of an area in uneven lighting conditions. It may be a corner of a room or the area  between two trees. If the light in your field of view is evenly distributed, they appear in circular form. If you are not sure of what you are seeing keep your eyes pointing straight ahead and turn or lower your head.  The violet spot will stay in the same location if it does not move on its own. Said another way, if you move your head and continue to stare straight ahead, the image  will not move with your head motion. If you turn your head far enough, you will no longer be able to see it and when you turn your head back, it will become visible again.  If you are experiencing a visual phenomena in your eyes, the image you see will remain fixed in your field of vision if you move your head as you continue to look straight ahead.  If the image is moving, turn your head in the opposite direction and it will appear to move a lot faster if it is not a function of your eye or brain.

 The best place to see them  is along roadways. You will have to be in your car traveling on a road that is dimly lit with the occasional  street light or house lights and  you need to focus  on the sides of the road that  are at the limit of the range of your headlights. Simply think violet and you will start to see them. Once your mind has been enabled to their presence you can observe their behavior as I do.  You have to be able to detect them in the shadows before you can see them near electromagnetic devices or automobiles. I have no idea why but, once you can detect them in the shadows, you will gain the ability to see them in the situations I have described.  If anyone reading this experiences the phenomena please post the  event and conditions in this blog. If at anytime seeing them starts to scare you, you can turn them off if you stop thinking about the color you are seeing.

One of the things I have not been able to determine is their physical size. Since the rods in our eyes will respond to a single photon size, in this case, probably doesn't matter. The color I see is derived from an associated response in the human eye. The best source I have found for information on how we see is "Color for philosophers."  It is a tough read if you have little or no training in the field of optics.

I hope to hear from some of you so I can respond to those who are bound to label me a total nut case.