Why I can see dead people

Some of you reading this  probably think I am mentally disturbed. If you do, I am about to remove any doubt you may still have. Bruce Willis in a popular movie found out the hard way  what it can mean when a little boys says; "I see dead people!"  I don't see dead people but I recently started seeing what I believe are entities. I did not start seeing entities before I started writing about them and I had no idea I would start seeing them as a result  of opening my mind to the concept. My first thought after first experiencing the phenomena was; "Is this a result of my recent Trigemenial surgery, a brain tumor or some sort of visual trauma that has not been diagnosed?" I had to undergo a CAT scan before my surgery so odds are there is no brain tumor.  After the surgery I lost some muscle control of my eyes and am now wearing prismatic lenses when I read or work on the computer so there is a possibility the phenomena is related to  my surgery but neither my doctors nor I can find any explanation for my ability or problem. 

Shortly after my surgery in November 8th of 2010 I started  seeing violet and near ultraviolet light blotches in low light conditions.  In the beginning I firmly  believed I was experiencing a vision problem associated with my surgery until I realized that the blotches did not move with my eyes. No matter where I looked they stayed in the same place. I have spent the past months analyzing their behavior and experimenting with lighting conditions and I have made some interesting discoveries. I believe it was that surgery and the purchase of a LCD display for my computer work station on the 24th of November 2010 that led to my eyesight being sensitized to light in the violet and near ultraviolet range.  The sensitivity was present prior to my  sitting in front of the LCD display but I was not overly conscious of it prior to purchasing the monitor. 

What I see is normally not visible unless the lighting conditions stimulate the  low light level response of the cones in our eyes. Too much or too little light and they cannot be seen by my  human eye. They are a consistent shade of violet which brightens as they become focused  on anything they are attracted to. If they are in their diffused state  they appear in a pattern that fulfills the low light capability of our cones.  The outer boundary of detectable light appears to be  no greater than 30 feet but distance is very hard to discern. I arrived at the 30 feet figure by measuring the areas I have observed them in.  I believe they are circular in shape but I have not been able to replicate the visual field that would allow that to happen. Background absorption and solid objects give them an irregular border most of the time.  They do become more circular as they get closer to my eye.  At a distance they never  exceed more than 30% of my visual field and they appear to diminish in size as they get closer which I define by an increase  in brightness and a defined shape.  At some point,  which I have not been able to define as yet,  they will start to fill my  visual field and  do on occasion totally fill it. When one is that close a dark hole sometimes appears in the middle of the entity and it appears as though the entity is drawn into it.  

As they get close to sources of electromagnetic radiation they shrink and become brighter. They are definitely attracted to all electromagnetic devices and I have never seen one in a room that did not have  a radio, TV,  computer or some sort of electronic device present.  They love automobiles that have their engines running and they congregate along roadways. They will follow a passing car and get brighter and more focused, the closer they get to the car. Since they are only observable  at night or late twilight I cannot tell how many people there are in any given car but it appears  they are attracted to the car and, once they get close enough, they may or may not associate themselves with anyone inside.  If there are three people in the car I may see three of them traveling outside the car or I may see only one hovering over the top of the car. Sometimes they are  off to the side or directly above but they remain about 1-2 feet away from any individual or automobile.  They appear to favor electromagnetic devices over people but they will become attracted to a person who is in the presence of an electromagnetic field. The only time I have experienced this phenomena in full light conditions is when I am sitting at my computer and the light I see can become quite intense and appears to  emanate from the center of my monitor screen and my keyboard which is back lit with a blue light. 

If what I see actually exists  I have to believe anyone can see them who is willing to accept the fact  there could be something there. I can choose not to see them. I compare it to turning a light switch on or off and I can switch them off anytime I choose. If I am not consciously controlling the switch, I usually see them if I am not in deep thought  at the time. The lighting conditions have to be right and the headlights of cars at night do provide  good lighting conditions. If you are willing to accept the possibility they exist, I believe you can see them.  I do not recommend you try to see them while driving until you have attuned your mind and vision to their presence.

Since they appear as violet and near ultraviolet light in the visual range of the human eye the cones  in our eyes have to be involved also as the rods alone cannot discern color. I only bring this up for those who have knowledge of how  human vision works. I have eliminated all known phenomena and disease as an explanation of what I am observing. The fact that what I see does not track with my eyes and stays  at  the same location external to my vision field cannot be explained by any condition or abnormality that I have studied. If anyone reading this has information I am not aware of please let me know. 

As much as I try and separate my study of reincarnation, which I began in late 2009, from this phenomena I cannot provide a definitive argument to those who may think I am hallucinating in my zeal to prove reincarnation. To those people all I can say is I was a skeptic going in and no one could be more critical of the research I am doing than I am without becoming an extremist out to prove their own agenda when it stands in direct contradiction to reincarnation.