Tuesday, August 2, 2016


I apologize for neglecting this blog for the last 7 months.  Without identifying which side I am on, (The discerning reader should have no problem figuring that out),  I have been busy politicking.  America is at a crossroads. If you don't take the time to vote in this election, you will have no one to blame but yourself.

I will be updating this soon. I also am going to expand on my concept of the universe. specifically focusing on black holes. I doubt I will cause any ripples  in the ongoing debate between Susskind and Hawkins but cosmology is still an open book as long as you stay within the bounds of the laws of physics whatever the hell they are anymore.

The phenomena I have experienced through the years is still with me if I take the time to notice it or start thinking about things like the structure of the universe. My life is far more settled despite the turmoil  our nation and the world currently faces. I really hope  I am right about reincarnation. I definitely want to be around as this history unfurls and, at soon to be 79, my current run at conscious interaction is nearing an end.  

So I plan on not being a stranger.  The traffic this blog gets amazes me and I do need to  carry on as long as I can.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

It could be worse

Almost a year has passed since my last post.  Unfortunately my trigeminial neuralgia is back. It started acting up in October.  So far, the pain has not been severe and I deal with it. Just about the time I decide I have had just about enough it gets better and I decide to not seek further treatment. I have a neurosurgeon and I will have the surgical procedure done if it does reach a point where I no longer want to deal with it.  Brain surgery is scary and my condition is not life threatening but quality of life is also important.

I'm living in Charleston South Carolina along with way too many other people. The low country is beautiful, highly picturesque and there is  a ton of history here along with the myriads of waterways  that prevent paving it and turning it into what the quaint little villages along the California coast have become. I like the weather, humidity, thunderstorms included. I do believe I will pass before it all recedes below the waters of the Atlantic Ocean as global warming, whether caused by humanity  or not, is seriously threatening the future the of the lowlands along the Carolina coasts.

My bowling endeavors are bearing fruit. I am currently the top bowler in the state of South Carolina in my age group. There is still a lot of room for improvement. My companion is my soul mate and the peace that comes with that has settled my mind and I  don't have as much to say as I once did.

I just added a paragraph to my "Theory of everything" page and I do plan on working on my blogs in the coming year. I do research and organize my thoughts. I still experience my blue light phenomena especially if I allow myself to by focusing on it.

This area is known for its ghost encounters and stories. Two things I want to experience before I leave this life, a spiritual presence and a UFO. I plan on visiting haunted sites in the area as I have to see this for myself.  The TV shows on the subject are far from convincing.

Regarding the UFO, I have this perception that we are close to encountering other intelligent lifeforms in this universe  we live in. I have had it for a long time and as idiotic as this sounds it is tied to the Star Wars movie sequels. For some  reason I knew when the original Star Wars movie was released that there would be three sets of three movies and I also knew how the last movie ends.  I will not spoil that for my fellow Star Wars enthusiasts.  I have no idea how I knew those things.

There is something else.  I believe our first encounter with extraterrestrial beings will happen shortly after the release of the third movie of this final set. I believe it enough to predict it here. I absolutely hate predictions like this. I have a scientific mind and I am prepared for the comments that will come should  ET not materialize but I have very strong feelings about it happening. Considering  some of the things I have experienced,  I feel obligated to make this prediction    

Friday, January 16, 2015

As time goes by

It has been awhile since I posted.   There  is a reason. My old friend trigemenial neuralgia  decided to pay me a visit again.  It ramped up to a a state I could no longer tolerate it and I had a gamma knife procedure done in May.  Unlike the balloon ablation that led to my near death experience which is the reason for this and my other blogs, the fix isn't instantaneous.  I went through months  with the pain  ranging from mild to severe. Finally in November it was gone.   I think it may be gone for the rest of my life.  I can say that because  the tooth I had a root canal done on, prior to being diagnosed,  was still sensitive after  the balloon ablation. Now it's as dead as a doorknob.  That battle finally appears to be over. 

Since then I have been busy putting my life back together. I have a new girl friend and I am moving to Charleston South Carolina to be with her  this spring. I bowled semi professionally years ago and I am  making a run at even  bowling professionally in the not too distant future. I am  starting to  plan my life again for what  time I have left. When one suffers pain  like that, all that is possible is getting through a day one day at a time.

I still  see  blue light  under the right lighting conditions especially if I look for it.  Its like a pair of comfortable  slippers. I would  like to find out more about the phenomenon but I have  done all the research I can do.  If someone steps forward with the  money to do the research, I am ready, willing and able. I have  talked to everyone I can think of  and will continue to do so as the opportunities arise but I have a life I want to live especially since I was denied  that for so many years. 

I still get thoughts regarding existence especially space and  time and the  wonderment of this universe we live in.  I will soon be adding a tab to this blog, "The theory of everything".  Einstein and Hawking   haven't  come up with anything  so who the hell am I to think I can, but the thoughts are there.  Physics supports my concepts as  far as I can tell. I don't have the math skills to take it to the level it needs to go but anyone who does will be able to do that.

I pick this blog, though it is far more apropos to one of my other blogs for one simple reason, this blog gets the most traffic. It is by far the most  important observation I have made since  all this started happening to me.  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Just checking in

There certainly have been no major events happen in my life since my last posting, The trigeminial neuralgia I suffer with  grew steadily worse over the  winter and I had a gamma knife procedure done last month. The condition has improved and I am hoping for  all the pain  to go away. That can take up to three months. It gets a little better each day but it is a slow process. I bring this up because it was a procedure to correct the problem that changed my life and led to the blue light phenomena I continue to experience.

There is a correlation between the light and events in my life. As much as I hate to admit it there is some pre-destiny to the lives we  live. I do not look for signs of things to come but things happen that are directly related to changes that soon follow.   To experience the light phenomena I can enter into a meditative state, something I can do fairly easily as a result of having to deal with pain of the condition I have.  Not all the time. I experience  it far more vividly when it happens spontaneously.  The spontaneous moments correlate directly to major events in my life. I never have any idea what the event will be and , most times, it isn't something I have been worried about like a financial issue. It can be triggered by what I will call pondering. 

For example, I have been researching the subject of time and will be adding my findings to my other blog when the time comes (no pun intended).  Simple questions like, "How long does the present last?" have very complex answers.   If we think of time as a force and the future as being the potential associated with the force, pre-destiny starts to make some sense and I really feel that is what I am sensing. Proving it is  a whole different thing. It is a work in progress which I will share as soon as I feel it is ready.

While pondering, I often experience the light phenomena. There are no thoughts associated with this phenomena. I observe what I see. The thoughts come later, usually within 24 hours of experiencing the phenomena.  I wish I could conduct more research and I would love to hear from anyone who has experienced  anything similar or is interested in researching the phenomena further,

I am putting this to a little test. Right now I am pondering the type of lifestyle I want to live for the time I have left.   Nothing is perfect. It certainly has to be practicable and exist under the limits of my budget.  Events  can happen that will affect my choice. Time will tell.   

Friday, August 2, 2013

It's about time

It is about time I updated this blog but that's not the reason for the title.

It has become rather obvious to me, my reason for blogging is a function of the blue light phenomena I have been experiencing for over two years.    It started with evolution which changed to philosophy, psychology and cosmology.   All that is in my blog Please Listen.

I still experience the phenomena but it has become less urgent. The more I write, the less urgent it becomes.   I can still see  the effect if I look for it under the proper light conditions.  I rarely do this  anymore.   At times, I experience the light when I am not in control of the phenomena.  When this happens, I find myself writing new information into my blogs. Sometimes it's a whole new topic. Other times it is an addition to things I have already written.    If you were to ask me a week before I started writing what my next subject would be, I couldn't tell you.  The thoughts  simply come to me. 

I question  these thoughts myself and research the field the thoughts are part of. I find no contradictions.  In fact I find others have had thoughts  similar or identical. In my most recent posting, It's about time, my reference to starting points is  commonly used in physics. I did not know that.  

I hope you take the time to read my latest addition to  my blog, Please Listen. If you know anyone who works in the field of physics, please share it with them. I welcome comments.    

On the personal side, my life is fairly routine and I have adjusted to the Floridan climate. I like the humidity.  It feels good on my aging body.  I do have an unresolved issue that involves a past life if you believe in that sort of thing. I do want to do further research but apparently not badly enough to do something about it.  Odd since it is one of the  reasons I came to Florida.

I am still working with a group trying to establish new concepts in media coverage.  These are hard times. The group I am with includes  highly trained and experienced professionals in the field of media.   We get noticed but, as of this, we have yet to be funded but hopes are still high.

As to what the energy I see is, I do not have the funds to conduct research. I certainly have ideas on how to proceed. It is external to me and it is associated with our species. It also is a large part of this universe we live in. I wish I could share the night skies I see.  The entire sky is violet. I believe the energy is there all the time. I can only see it under the proper light conditions and when  it wants me to see it.  Weird, I know but the phenomena is not a hallucination. If I had no other proof  how can anyone explain  my writings?  I do have proof. I see light in the near ultraviolet range. Anyone who wants to test me, is welcome to contact me.

I will keep this blog updated on any new events I experience. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

A New year and a new beginning

I just happened to look at my stats for this blog and  I see I am getting quite a few page views.  I need to bring it up to date.   The network I mentioned  in my previous post is a lot closer to becoming a reality.  It will keep me quite busy once we get started but I will try and  make quarterly posts at the minimum.  

The visual phenomena I experience  continues. Sometimes I see it when I think about it under the proper lighting conditions like driving at night.  Other times it appears with no warning  if the lighting conditions are  proper. I have discussed what I see in detail in this blog and  there is nothing new to report. The intensity of what I see varies. The greater the intensity, the more likely that something is happening or will happen that will affect my life. That something could be an addition to my main blog, Please Listen or it could be an event that is affecting or will affect my life.  My most recent post called Simplicity is rather ambitious, explaining my hypothesis on the Theory of Everything. I will be adding an addendum to my section on relationships in the near future. 

I did witness rather unique phenomena on and around 12/21/2012.   I saw several meteorites  that looked to be impacting the surface in the two week period surrounding the 21st. To my knowledge there was no meteorite impact anywhere near Jacksonville Florida so I am not sure what I was seeing.  The path was almost vertical for all of them. I didn't count  how many I witnessed but a dozen or so sounds about right. Their descent averaged 2-5 seconds. I was able to quickly close my eyes during a few of them and the image was not there with my eyes closed. I have learned not to alarm others with what I see. 

I will be seeing a new Ophthalmologist at the end of this month and I will see if he will be more interested in this phenomena then  the last one was. I and the last one proved what I was seeing was not being created inside my conscious brain but I believe he  thought I was  imagining  what I saw. 

On a personal side, my divorce either is final or will be final this month. I had a run in with a melanoma on the back of my neck but they got it all. The Doctor I had in the Pacific Northwest looked at the offending mole but felt it was nothing to be worried about.  A skin doctor here in Florida didn't agree and lucky for me she biopsied it. Aside from the awesome weather as compared to the Pacific Northwest, coming to Florida probably saved my life.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Staying in Florida

It has been awhile since I posted as there has  not been a lot to report about. I continue to work in television production as I and a group of professionals  pursue the new TV network we are creating. Things look very promising as of today.

I have ended up in Jacksonville and it looks like this will be my home for awhile. This a beautiful city, There are problems but it is very modern and  the beach front towns are  upscale and not too touristy. The industrial parks are some of the most beautiful I have seen anywhere and the city at night along the river is breathtaking.  If you want  old world charm and rustic living you head down the coast to Saint Augustine and, if you have money, you stay in Pointe Vedra, home of the Players Championship. Near the ocean its always cooler.

I started dating again after I realized my marriage is at an end and we  both have to move on. My  spiritual energy did not help me come to that decision. That was on me and I finally understood why many of the things that happened in my marriage happened. We both need to move on.

There  really isn't a lot to report on the energy side. I still experience the phenomena and I record my intuitive thoughts in my other two blogs. I do get  spiritual guidance  regarding  women I date and I do not question it.  It feels like I have a mentor and a friend keeping me out of trouble.

There are two television shows I may soon be producing that are a direct result of a dating site. I recommend  on line dating sites. Women need to be careful but it is a great way to meet people. There were a couple of profiles I looked at  in which I felt an intense desire to be  with that person. In each case  it led to a possible TV production. More input from my spirit.  

There is this sense of something happening that will be good for us all and I have no idea what it is. Not the election, or some miracle. Just something.   My birthday was an amazing day.  Curiosity landed on Mars. I became a little involved  through people I know because of the work I did in the space program. Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, also was born on my birthday in Australian time. He underwent bypass surgery on the 6th of August  and is  doing well from what I have heard. I was one of the crew that  brought the world the video of Neil walking on the moon. Another member of that crew was born on the 4th  of August.  Neil's stateside birthday, August 5th, is book ended by two of the Apollo TV crew, me on the 6th and the other on the 4th.

All coincidence probably but  now neither Neil nor I have to live with the thought that  humankind's  greatest accomplishment on the 6th of August, until Curiosity landed after completing a flawless mission, was the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

Our new TV network will start soon.  I will have more to report then.

I had to update this with Neil's passing on the 25th of August. He was a humble man who never used his accomplishment  for personal gain. On Friday night, the 24th of August a 56% moon  looked very different to me. The people I was with also noted it  when I pointed it out. It was brighter and the terminator was as sharply defined as I have ever seen it with the naked eye.  I did not know Neil  was close to death from complications due to his bypass surgery when I witnessed it. Others  have said they too thought the moon looked different that night. Coincidence again? You be the judge..

The parallel  between me and Neil Armstrong continued to the day of his burial at sea. I  had no idea Neils mortal  remains would be  scattered in the ocean outside of Jacksonville Florida. The  vessel carrying his ashes departed Mayport less then 4 miles from where I was. Had I known I would have  gone  to the mouth of the Saint Johns river and witnessed the  boat carrying his ashes. There is  a ferry that crosses the river which I could have taken had I known.  In a way it was a fitting end to the journey we shared together. I never personally met the man though I was within 20 feet of him during the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11.  The vast majority of us who were a part of the manned space program never did  personally meet the astronauts. I had the honor of working with two of them during Project Mercury while I was at Canton Island but none of us were there for personal glory or fame from those who  went into space to all of us  who supported them while they were there.

If Neil were standing next to me at this very moment, I think he would agree  and hope as I do, that all of humankind will find the commitment and sense of purpose all of us had during mans first steps into the vastness of space. It is a journey that should be shared by every one of us in all aspects of our lives.